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Little Mountain Web Design Helps You Climb Internet Rankings


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important piece of the online marketing puzzle. This enables your website to be found and climb higher on search engine ranking pages.


Have you ever wondered how search engines such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing find and then rank websites? Based on the word(s) you enter, programs called 'robots' scour the Internet to find those websites that contain information similar to what  you typed. After a possible website is found, an algorithm is then used to determine where it ranks compared to other websites, in order to provide you a better search engine experience.


The algorithm considers various factors, such as content quality. Each search engine prioritizes its factors differently and these priorities can change or be changed to create a different ranking system. When the algorithm changes to weigh factors differently or introduce new factors, the ranking of both your and your competitors' websites may fluctuate. (This shift in ranking over a short period of time is called the “Google dance.”)


Other factors outside of the algorithyms can affect your rankings. These are work your competitors have done to optimize their sites,update their sites and use other online assets such as social media. So even if the algorhtyms don't change the environment in which they can operate changes.


Are you curious about your website's current ranking? Why not take a moment to find out? Below is a list of links to popular and older search engines in alphabetical order.









Click on a link and enter the name of your company or organization. Repeat the search several times, each time adding or changing different key words to see how it affects your ranking.


How did your website do? Were there any rankings that could be improved?


Email or call us to discuss how to improve your rankings and weather out the next algorithym changes at or 402.932.7243

Now that you better understand how search engines rank their results, you also understand why building a better website is an ongoing process. By using the criteria set forth in various search engine algorithms and watching out for your competitors, we incorporate these changes to build a better website that yields its best possible ranking, Little Mountain Web Design will also work with you to find the most useful and effective key words that describe your business or nonprofit organization.

Do you want to reach customers in a certain geographical location? For example, are you in Omaha, Nebraska or would like to reach customers in Omaha? We can adapt SEO strategy for optimal performance to create special strategies to perform Omaha Search Engine Optimization or Omaha SEO to geo-target your potential customers or audience. We can do this for different areas also.

While no one can, nor should, guarantee you a top ranking in a typical non-sponsored search, there are a variety of techniques that we can employ while building your website to help it achieve a more favorable ranking.

Please contact us for more information at 402.932.7243 to help you with your Omaha SEO, Nebraska SEO, Papillion SEO, Bellevue SEO or other SEO, social media or website needs.