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Online Marketing and Internet Services 




You and your business are special in many ways. Your website should reflect this. Little Mountain Web Design will take the time to get to know you and your business to make something special for you to showcase your strengths so you can leverage them over your competitors.


We’ll listen to your needs and ideas and work with you to design a website that incorporates them and offer you solutions based on your industry and type of business. Little Mountain Web Design works with a variety of business types and industries. Call us today at 402.932.7243





WordPress websites provide a fast and affordable alternative for CMS (Content Management Systems). These systems often require no knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, etc. for making updates and simple changes. Other changes and keeping up with updates can be harder for the novice.There are many other CMS website options available.


Let us help guide you through this process.



Website Renovation

Websites need updates and renovations as time passes, just as do your brick and mortar structures. Besides style and aesthetics, this helps to keep your website up to date with new technologies and changes in your industry or organization.

Website Maintenance

Little Mountain Web Design performs updates as needed and watches out for changes.



Little Mountain Web Design will study your business, industry and competitors to work out an Internet strategy for you to help make a better website and compete for higher rankings on Internet search engines.


We’ll work with you to find useful and important key words to describe your business or nonprofit  and to help you build a better website that is more attractive to both people and search engine robots. We try to maximize all of this to help give you an edge over your competitors. Our top expert will review and study an existing website and give you recommendations to help ensure that your site is more competitive with other sites in Internet searches.


Good website design is a balance of information, aesthetics and search engine positioning. No matter how fantastic your site looks, it is important to help people find your business or organization as quickly and easily as possible.


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Little Mountain Web Design works to connect you to potential customers and new markets by finding the social media platforms that not only reach these markets but work with your corporate and individual personalities and styles.

We recommend which social media platforms fit best with your industry and personal and corporate identities.

Little Mountain Web Design can set up your social media profile, create new content, create campaigns/journeys, post, run promotions, advise and perform updates.

Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Disord, You-Tube and others. Blogs are also considerd social media by many. Along with blogs there are vlogs-video blogs.

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Your brand is more than colors, shapes and a logo. Your brand is how you conduct business at every step from how you market and sell to how you deliver and follow up. We study your company to create a logo that reflects this difference and your niche.

Little Mountain Web Design can create or alter existing graphic images to suit your needs. Little Mountain Web Design can create logos or use existing logos and branding throughout your website. We can resize and modify images for use as background tiles or in social media. We can also create small animated GIFs as needed.

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Little Mountain Web Design is registered a government contractor in the System for Award Management (SAM), using the primary NAICS code 541511. Others are 541613, 541840, and 541870.

Little Mountain Web Design is looking for opportunities under prime contractors and subcontractors to help complete projects.

We work with prime contractors and subcontractors to help them be found online during searches and optimize their proposals. We also assist working under them to fulfill their contracts, and assist them in other ways. 

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We provide consulting to our clients for new or existing projects, leveraging over 20  years of experience in the industry to provide solutions to your online marketing challenges.




Little Mountain Web Design can provide you with referrals and recommendations for Web services, IT-related services and other services to help your business compete and thrive.




Little Mountain Web Design holds workshops on social media and other Internet-related topics.  We can conduct these workshops on a corporate level for employees and organizations or as fundraising events.




LIttle Mountain Web Design helps you find the right places to advertise online to reach your market. These include industry specific, customer characteristic specific and geo-specific advertising to connect with your audience and potential customers.





Little Mountain Web Design creates your press release and disseminates it to local and national media outlets for you. We can also post them online for your on different websites  and blogs including those specialized to reach the local market.




Little Mountain Web Design takes your presentation draft and gives it a polilshed professional touch. We can also create the presentation for you and add different elements including animations, backgrounds and more.